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The fourteenth edition of The Mêlée Numérique

Why visit?

La Mêlée Numérique 14 is THE leading trade fair for information and communication technology professionals in South West France.

Visiting the Mêlée Numérique 14 offers both the opportunity to discover existing innovative digital solutions under one roof, and to live out a unique experience of sharing and information on a variety of topics explored through conferences and workshops.

The 2010 edition is special firstly in that the trade show now has an international dimension (it has received the Europe Enterprise Network label) with a certain number of country and regions receiving place of honour, as well as the event opening its doors for 2 days.

The program detailing conferences and workshops will be available on line February 2010.

The Mêlée Numérique is the flagship ICT event in the South West of France. Increase visibility, meet prospects...


Why exhibit?

photo of the Mêlée Numérique2 500 m² of exhibitors, 2 800 visitors, 40 workshops and conferences…
The Mêlée Numérique, the association La Mêlée’s flagship event, brings together actors, businesses and public structures that are involved in the development of the digital and innovation economy. It’s the trade fair for IT, network and Internet solutions in South West France.
Lead a workshop or conference
With plenary sessions, round tables, workshops and debates, informing decision makers and professionals on innovation, practices, ICT technologies, the event is a place to exchange and share experience between professionals of all origins.


Events within the event

photo of the Mêlée NumériqueMêlée Numérique 14.0 will also be the occasion to discover or rediscover the events that make the event:

  • The Academy for Innovation, which will designate a large place to training, research and innovation specialists to deal with these three means of progress and growth
  • Embedded Systems Day; workshops and conferences dedicated to these small pieces of intelligence bringing us comfort, productivity and security.
  • The 4th edition of the IT Decision-Makers Trophy
  • The giving of the 8th Digital Economy Trophy
  • Closing night open to all participants: a moment to meet and exchange with regional economic decision-makers.


A new magnitude:

photo of the Mêlée NumériqueThe Mêlée Numérique now runs for 2 days and reaches internationally.  

The ICT sector is the second pole of excellence in the Midi Pyrenees region and second region in France in this domain.
The competences of the Mêlée Numérique’s partners will have an international resonance thanks to the presence of foreign delegations and businesses and the “Entreprise Europe” label.
Finally the Mêlée Numérique will propose a series of workshops and conferences on green technologies, a subject which is transversal to all actors in ICT.


The Mêlée Numérique’s objective is to give to Toulouse and to the Midi-Pyrenees region an image of ICT excellence
through using this event.

If you want to exhibit, contact :

Hugues ERARD – – 06 76 60 32 02

Maïalen CAZENAVE – – 06 59 38 87 84


The South West’s n°1 ICT trade fair will be based in the DIAGORA + AGORA complex. More details here.


Contact the Mêlée press

Gwendoline LEGRAND –


Information for the press

Press release Mêlée Numérique 14.0 (french)– download the pdf

The press conference will take place in March 2010; we will keep you informed of the exact date and place very soon.



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